Julie Vola


Julie Vola is a photographer obsessed with the history of place. In September of 2010, she moved from France to Vietnam in search of her own family’s past, after inheriting her grandfather’s personal photographs from his life in Hanoi. What she found was a city brimming with memories; she began to document them in her series, Recalling Hanoi, which explores the stories that residents remember about buildings and landscapes across the city. 

This affinity for memory began in Marseille, where Julie worked for state-commissioned programmes that required photographic follow-ups on urban renovation projects. In addition to documentation, she organised photography workshops for residents there that taught them how to document their own neighborhoods with new eyes. 

Born in the South of France in 1983, Julie earned a Masters degree in Photography from the École Nationale Superieure de la Photographie and graduated with High Honors. She has since taught the subject at Camayeux in Marseille and the London College of Fashion and Design in Hanoi, and currently works as Photo Editor and Managing Editor in Hanoi for the Word Magazine. She continues to search for the pulse of history in the landscape that surrounds her.