Julie Vola is a French photographer based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She has more than 10 years’ experience photographing food, architecture, portraits and international reportage.

Julie has provided photography for large NGOs and small businesses, as well as for magazines, websites and individuals. She has spent the last 10 years capturing the stories of others, both internationally and locally. Julie tells captivating stories through images, regardless of the narrative.

With a high honors master’s degree from École Nationale Superieure, Julie has taught photography in schools, colleges, community centres and through private workshops in both France and Vietnam. In Hanoi, she has worked as Senior Editor/Photo Editor for Word Vietnam, and as a photography lecturer at London College of Fashion and Design.

Julie is currently working as freelance photographer, with a large portfolio of clients. Recent collaborations include sustainable textiles producer, Kilomet109 in Hanoi, Alba Wellness Resort in Hue and the design company In-dulge in Hong-Kong. In her spare time, Julie likes nothing better than exploring Hanoi on her motorbike, or curling up with her cat.


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