Vola Visuals captures your creative vision with artistic, photographic flair.


Julie Vola is a photographer based in Saguenay, Quebec, specialising in creative, editorial photography.

She moved to Vietnam from the south of France in 2010, and has photographed the country and its inhabitants for more than 8 years. She is now in Saguenay in Quebec to pursue a master program at the University of Quebec. Julie is a storyteller by nature, capturing artistic, intriguing angles of every subject she photographs.

We live in a visual age, and photographs spark imagination and reflect our own person style, context and aspirations in ways that words can’t. In business, visual marketing is essential to building your brand identity. Compelling imagery is essential to an online presence, where quality stands out amongst a sea of selfies. Whether you need to highlight your business’s facilities, showcase your new menu, update your headshot with a striking image, or create a visual story for your brand, Vola Visuals will give you and your product the attention it deserves.

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