The digital photography workshops for adults and teenagers are programs created by Julie Vola, to help the participants master their digital cameras and learn to take better photographs.

Photography Fundamentals

The workshop has been created to give any participants the basics they need to fully understand the technology in their hand. For the eight years that this program has been running, it has been consistently improved – thanks to hundreds of participants’ feedback. At course’s end, the result is a proven working methodology. Participants will be able to independently take well-constructed and dynamic photos. They will be able to fully operate their camera and use it to its fullest creative potential. 



street photography workshop

In this six-part course participants will learn the fundamentals of street photography by looking at the work of masters like Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson. After venturing out into the urban wilds of Hanoi's Old Quarter to make their own images, they will learn how to edit your work with a critical eye. There's no need to go far to find great images. Just step into the street. 

Photo editing workshop

Did you know that 60% of a photograph is actually created in post-production? Join an 8 session workshop on the fundamentals of digital editing. Participants will be introduced to industry-standard Adobe software like Photoshop and Camera RAW, taught how to retouch portraits, correctly adjust levels, and prepare images for web and print. Advanced techniques like creative filters, High Dynamic Range, and double exposure will also be covered. The final sessions of the class will be devoted to personal guidance from Julie, focusing on helping everyone polish their own body of work. 

The workshops are available in Hanoi, with UNIS Community Education Program,
London College for Design and Fashion evening classes program,
or for a private tailor-made workshop.
For more information please contact Julie directly.